Stretham & Wilburton Community Land Trust
Stretham & Wilburton Community Land Trust

About us

Shaping your local community

Like so many local villages, Stretham and Wilburton face some big future challenges, especially about access to the affordable homes and shared amenities that are vital to a lively, sustainable community.

In recent years planning policies have led to a restricted housing supply, but now there’s an exciting chance to make some choices. The 2011 Localism Act and 2012 National Planning Policy Framework provided the opportunity to try to do things differently. In response, our two villages joined forces in 2011 to form SWCLT, making it Cambridgeshire’s first Community Land Trust.


Our aim is clear – to give the people who live or work in the villages more say over how to develop locally and in ways that could benefit the whole community.


A bit of background

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are being set up across the UK as not-for-profit organisations run by local volunteers to develop housing, workspaces or other assets that meet community needs. They can help more people live closer to their work, schools, shops, clubs, friends and families. As an independent body, SWCLT is totally accountable to local people, with rules to ensure that its assets will be owned forever by the community. For more about CLTs, see:


The legal set-up

With the backing and financial support of Stretham and Wilburton Parish Councils, in October 2012 SWCLT was incorporated as a charitable Industrial and Provident Society. SWCLT is independent of Stretham and Wilburton Parish Councils and is not attached to any commercial property developer or vested interest.


Run by local people, for local people

SWCLT is managed day to day by the Trustees, a board of volunteer directors.



For a nominal fee, anyone who lives and / or works in Stretham and Wilburton can join SWCLT as a member. By joining you can shape the activities of the Trust, suggest what kind of land development is needed and help make informed choices. The more members we have, the more we can do to benefit the whole community.


We’d really like your ideas and support. Find out more about becoming a member:

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Stretham & Wilburton Community Land Trust (SWCLT) is registered (No. 31823R) with the Financial Services Authority as a Community Benefit Society with charitable rules under the Industrial and Provident Society Act 1965.